A History of Art in Three Colours

A History of Art in Three Colours is a 2012 BBC documentary presented by James Fox that looks into how three colours had serious and profound influence in the history of art: gold - the colour of sacred and power, blue - the colour of our dreams, and white - the colour of virtue and purity.

1. Gold - From being considered the metal of the Sun God in Ancient Egypt to a symbol of wealth and power in more recent times, gold found its place in precious art objects throughout history, as great pharaoh masks, Christian icons, paintings by Klimt, etc.

2. Blue - As strange as it may seem, blue was mostly absent in Western art until the end of the Middle Ages, when the deep blue lapis lazuli rock began to be exported to Europe, at first in Venice, triggering a blue revelation in art. We find it afterwards in dominant places in paintings by artists like Giotto, Titian, Gauguin, van Gogh, Munch, Picasso, and Yves Klein.

3. White - With the rediscovery during the Enlightenment of ancient white statues and architecture, white came to be considered the most virtuous of colors. But from meanings of purity and cleanliness it later started to also represent divisiveness and racism.

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rating 7.7 / 10
category Art
year 2012
with James Fox
duration 2 hrs 57 mins
added July 20, 2019

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