Children of the Decree

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Children of the Decree is a 2005 documentary depicting the consequences of the Decree 770 authorized in communist Romania by Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1966 which made abortion and contraception illegal.

The direct consequence of the decree was a huge baby boom. Between 1966 and 1967 the number of births increased by almost 100%, and the number of children per woman increased from 1.9 to 3.7.

Wealthier women were able to obtain contraceptives illegally, or bribed doctors to give diagnoses which made abortion possible. Especially among the less educated and poorer women there were many unwanted pregnancies. These women could only utilize primitive methods of abortion, which led to infection, sterility or even their own death. The mortality among pregnant women became the highest of Europe during the reign of Ceaușescu. (parts from the Decree's Wikipedia page)

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rating 8.0 / 10
category History
year 2005
duration 1 hr 8 mins
added January 6, 2018

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