Impressionism: Revenge of the Nice

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Impressionism: Revenge of the Nice is a 2004 documentary written and presented by Matthew Collings that tries to explain the Impressionism art movement of the 19th century by focusing on the lives, works and art philosophies of four of its greatest painters: Courbet, Manet, Monet and C├ęzanne.

We see how Impressionism started as a rebellion against the current state of the art world in France, which favored paintings having historical and religious themes, the prestigious annual Salon de Paris actively rejecting works that didn't follow the approved norm. Impressionists instead painted landscape and contemporary subjects, with vivid colored brush strokes that were given more importance over lines and contours.

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rating 7.5 / 10
category Art
year 2004
with Matthew Collings
duration 1 hr 41 mins
added November 4, 2017

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