The Genius of Charles Darwin

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The Genius of Charles Darwin is a 2008 documentary written and presented by Richard Dawkins looking into Charles Darwin's life work that introduced and explained the theory of evolution. Dawkins insists that evolution is now not just a theory, but scientific fact, and explores why a significant part of today's society is reluctant in accepting evolution as a truth.The film has three parts, each having about 48 minutes.

Part 1: Life, Darwin & Everything - Dawkins explains how Darwin developed his theory based on natural selection. In parallel, he teaches evolution to a class of mainly skeptical high school students, taking them to a beach in Dorset to look for fossils.
Part 2: The Fifth Ape - In the second part, the focus is set on how humans evolved from the same ancestor as apes and some of the social and philosophical implications. Dawkins explores topics as sexual selection, social Darwinism and eugenics.
Part 3: God Strikes Back - Dawkins looks into how evolution was and still is a controversial topic, interviewing religious figures who oppose it.

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rating 8.6 / 10
category Science
year 2008
with Richard Dawkins
duration 2 hrs 25 mins
added October 18, 2017

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