The Wall Street Code

The Wall Street Code is a 2013 episode of the VPRO Backlight documentary program about high-frequency trading on Wall Street and a trading algorithm builder who discovered the system was rigged to favor algorithms from insiders and started talking publicly about it.

Most trade on Wall Street is not done by humans anymore, but by super fast computer algorithms in a type of trading named high-frequency trading (HFT). The whole system is incredibly complicated and impossible for a human to fully understand, but the brilliant engineers who design and improve the algorithms do have some grasp of things. One of these engineers is Haim Bodek, and when the algorithm his company was developing, after years of working correctly, started to fail, he tried to uncover where the fault was and found out how the system was manipulated to favor insiders. This documentary explores high-frequency trading in general, Haim Bodek's story and his quest for justice.

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rating 7.6 / 10
category Economics
year 2013
duration 51 mins
added May 4, 2019

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