Unforeseen Consequences: A Half-Life Documentary

Unforeseen Consequences: A Half-Life Documentary is a 2018 crowdfunded film presented by Danny O'Dwyer and produced by his media company Noclip. The documentary focuses on the Half-Life first-person shooter video game series created by Valve, its development, its innovating gameplay ideas, and the impact it had on gamers and overall on the game industry.

As no one at Valve wanted to talk about the game (probably due to the silence after the 2007 Half-Life 2: Episode Two and the failed sequels), O'Dwyer interviewed a series of people either involved in the series development efforts at some stage or from the modding community. The film goes through the initial Half-Life game, its three expansion packs, then Half-Life 2 and its episodes, the Counter-Strike spin-off, what is known about the plans for Half-Life 3, and the numerous mods.

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rating 7.7 / 10
category Entertainment
year 2018
duration 1 hr 48 mins
added February 3, 2019

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