World War 1: American Legacy

World War 1: American Legacy is a 2006 documentary narrated by David Carradine that explores the important role the United States played in World War I from when they first entered the conflict in April 1917 and up to the end of the war in November 1918, by focusing on those stories about the American troops that became most popular.

There are parts that talk about American writers who fought in the war and turned the war stories into great literary works of art; the Ivy League students who volunteered in the French Army as aircraft pilots and became minor celebrities; the 369th Infantry Regiment comprised of African Americans, nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters, who received the Croix de Guerre for their actions and thus helped change the general perception of African Americans; the female volunteers who worked in communications and as Red Cross nurses; and numerous other stories of courage and devotion.

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rating 7.9 / 10
category History
year 2006
duration 1 hr 53 mins
added October 7, 2018

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